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911dos 171 of 79 September 11th Service Day On September 11th, GCHope had a group of 60 volunteers spending a day serving others in honor of the anniversary of a very memorable and important day in American history. The companies that volunteered that day were Union Bank, Starbucks, and K & L Gates. We were lucky enough to have 20 new volunteers from Union Bank. September 11th was this group of Union Bank employees first time volunteering here at GCHope, and it won’t be the last! Our new volunteers love to give back to the community. They even have a Volunteer Coordinator for each division. This division is from the Orange County and Inland Empire. Their Volunteer Coordinator found an opportunity at GCHope for them to volunteer and the rest is history! Tina Robinson from Union Bank said she loves giving back and volunteering by packing backpacks for WGYB is close to her heart. We love sharing our passion and mission for serving vulnerable children and families with new volunteers.

Thanks Union Bank, Starbucks, K & L Gates for coming out to serve that day! Come back and visit us again soon!

 IMG 6413 September 11th Service Day

IMG 6405 September 11th Service Day

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“We’re not the ones treating patients in the Philippines but we are supplying the hospitals who do. We don’t build wells but we send shovels to those who are. That’s the type of organization GCHope is – one that believes in the mission of serving the poor and helps equip those who serve well. Instead of believing that we know best about a person’s situation or what can help them overcome poverty, we partner with groups who are on the front lines of the greatest needs and we do our best to support their needs no matter how large or small they may be. The order on GCHope’s plate right now is providing hope for homeless youth in Orange County.” ED Sean Lawrence shared these thoughts and goals with concert-goers from a candlelit stage at GCHope’s benefit concert on Saturday, Sept 13.

Joel and Scott Owen, otherwise known as the PawnShop kings, and former The Voice contestant Trevor Davis played this weekend to help GCHope Tackle Child Hunger in Orange County. PawnShop kings have been a great friend to the organization and have a passion to help vulnerable children.

“For whatever reason a parent struggles to provide, be it from debilitating drug dependence to unavoidable bad luck, as fathers ourselves, it breaks our hearts to know that there are children suffering and/or falling behind as a result,” said Joel Owen. It makes supporting the vision of GCHope an easy answer. Not only are there needs in every other part of the world, but here, locally, spread across even our own county. We feel privileged to stand beside this movement in any way we can.”

The concert was held as part of GCHope’s campaign, Tackling Child Hunger in Orange County. All proceeds went to support the homeless children in GCHope’s We’ve Got Your Back (WGYB) program, which provides meals for 5,000 homeless people every single week. The concert was a huge success and raised over $2,000! There were close to 120 people in attendance from all over Orange County to be part of the solution for these deserving kids. GCHope also showcased our new aquaponic garden, which will be producing 150 lbs. of fresh fruits and vegetables each month for the WGYB food program.The entire evening was a blast and included a photo booth, food, drinks, and a raffle.

Thank you to all the vendors that helped make the event so successful: PawnShop Kings, Trevor Davis, The Robbin’s Nest Wine Bar, Paris Baguette, A’roma Ristorante, Bootleggers Brewery, and E2G2.

To help tackle child hunger in Orange County donate here. IMG 0394 Grow Local. Serve Local. Listen Local.gchopestaff Grow Local. Serve Local. Listen Local.

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It’s the time of the year that makes me want to have a bouquet of sharpened pencils on my desk and a new outfit to wear for the first day of school. For many of the families in GCHope’s We’ve Got Your Back (WGYB) program, back-to-school items are hard to fit into a tight budget. GCHope decided to do a little extra something to help out.

IMG 0193 Bouquets of Sharpened Pencils

Recently GCHope was blessed with enough brand new school supplies to provide two of our WGYB schools with a wonderful gift. It was a complete surprise to the families; when they arrived to pick up their regular backpack of food, they found out they were being given some lovely gifts. Each child in the family was given a dazzling new backpack with notebooks, folders, pencils, erasers, rulers and more. In addition to the school supplies, parents received a care package with hygiene products, including toothpaste, hand sanitizer, shampoo, soap, tupperware and a few other household items.

When the mothers heard what their children were receiving, one could not help but notice the sincerity in their eyes when they said, “Thank you.” These parents had such gratitude that their children were being provided for and would have these things to start the school year off well. The kids had a blast getting to pick the red backpack or the pink notebook, explaining how excited they were to take it with them on their first day of school. GCHope is so grateful that we were able to supply these kids with a bit of joy and pride as they step through the door of their new class and new school year. Restoring dignity in people’s lives once again is something we strive for everyday at GCHope.

 IMG 0186 Bouquets of Sharpened Pencils

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September is Tackling Child Hunger month! Tackling Child Hunger is a month-long food and fund drive to kick off the We’ve Got Your Back (WGYB) school year. Hundreds of schools, businesses and churches will be collecting non-perishable food items for WGYB families. GCHope’s goal is to increase the number of backpacks distributed by 15% this year, which is nearly 200 additional backpacks provided each week to homeless families. In order to accomplish that task, GCHope must ensure we have enough donors and food to commit to those on our waiting list. This year we are proud to say that Tackling Child Hunger is in partnership with the City of Buena Park, City of Stanton, City of Fullerton, Buena Park Downtown, and Los Cerritos Center. GCHope is so grateful for the growth in support to end hunger in Orange County through these partnerships.

Help end hunger in our community!

Consider donating to the cause! We are able to purchase food for lower prices than at your grocery store so if you want your donation to go farther, this is the way to do it!

$10 Donation = 71 meals for a family in need
$25 Donation = 178 meals for a family in need
$50 Donation = 357 meals for a family in need
$100 Donation = 714 meals for a family in need
$500 Donation = 3,571 meals for a family in need
$1,000 Donation = 7,142 meals for a family in need

PYR Donate Button 01 1 September is Tackling Child Hunger Month!

Most needed items:Peanut Butter, Water or Juice, Canned Meats, Rice, Pasta, Oatmeal

TacklingChildHungerFlyer September is Tackling Child Hunger Month!


Companies We Love


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Our volunteers continue to amaze us! From packing backpacks for We’ve Got Your Back to sorting through medical supplies- they never stop giving. We are so lucky to have had 17 Nutrilite volunteers come into GCHope. Nutrilite is an active volunteer group here. Once a month, Nutrilite visits GCHope to volunteer. This week, these volunteers helped build 500 hygiene kits for Syrian refugees. Amazing! We cannot begin to thank Nutrilite enough. We are thrilled Nutrilite is taking part in our mission in serving vulnerable children and families across the street and around the world. Thanks Nutrilite!

Nutrilite 2 Companies We Love

Nutrilite 1 Companies We Love

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IMG 8562 Taking the Pledge to End Hunger

Another church is taking the pledge to support the community! In February, Pastor Tom at Thanksgiving Church was referred to GCHope by a partner and since then has become highly involved with GCHope by becoming a 10:29 church. For one year, Thanksgiving Church is sponsoring We’ve Got Your Back (WGYB) at Whitaker Elementary School. It costs $240 to sponsor a WGYB backpack for an entire year and Thanksgiving Church is taking on 20 backpacks for a total sponsorship of $4,800 per year!

Pastor Tom has become highly involved with GCHope. On May 21, 2014 he helped distribute the backpacks and he even attended our We’ve Got Your Back appreciation luncheon. He also invited the kids to attend vocational bible study. Currently, Pastor Tom is working on getting a college group to come volunteer at GCHope and he is also trying to have additional events with the children and families from Whitaker Elementary.

Thanksgiving Church and Pastor Tom have made a significant impact on vulnerable children and families in Orange County. With their support, 80 individuals struggling through poverty have food on the table each week. GCHope is grateful to have Thanksgiving Church team up with us to end hunger in Orange County.



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Disney is always willing to lend a helping hand. This week, a group of about 15 volunteers from different departments of Disney came to GCHope to help in our mission to serve vulnerable children and families. One Disney Cast Member was given this opportunity to volunteer on his first few days with Disney.This energetic group of VoluntEARS did so much while they were here. They packed a total of 55 backpacks for We’ve Got Your Back and sorted through 5 pallets of donated items for Giving for Living. If that was not already enough, they continued to work hard by sorting through medical supplies. Amazing! We always love having Disney stop by the GCHope facility and hope to see their smiling faces soon. Thanks Disney!

Disney Volunteers Disneys at it Again

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Who is red and white and loves to volunteer? You guessed right – Target! These wonderful volunteers did more than just the typical volunteer work. Besides packing backpacks for We’ve Got Your Back, they also sorted through items for Giving For Living. That is not all! Target worked fast and had time to sort through some medical supplies. Our Target volunteers are amazing and we are thrilled to have them dedicate their time here at GCHope. Thanks Target for helping us in our mission mission to help serve vulnerable children and families.

Target Volunteers Target Serving Others

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IMG 6137 The Heart of Serving Others

Every Monday two dedicated friends, Allison Luu and Victoria Tores, drive their children from Arcadia to Buena Park to volunteer at Giving Children Hope. These two families drive a distance of 30 miles, sometimes taking an hour to get to GCHope to serve needy families. The kids – Ethan (13), Zachary (11), Kyle (11), and Taylor (9) – are on summer vacation and have selflessly chosen to give back to the community during their time off from school.

The Luu and Tores families originally connected with GCHope for a school service project and haven’t stopped volunteering since. Allison Luu says she loves bringing the kids here to volunteer because they are learning that volunteering is about much more than getting praise and affirmation from others. She wants them to understand the heart of serving others and hopes it will be an integral part of their lives.

GCHope is so thankful for the Luu and Tores families’ dedication and love for serving vulnerable children and families across the street and around the world.

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Contact: Carly Visbal

Communications Coordinator




Orange County Nonprofit Sending Medical Aid for Ebola Outbreak

BUENA PARK, Calif.—In response to the deadliest Ebola outbreak in history, Giving Children Hope (GCHope) is preparing to send medical relief supplies to Liberia, one of the most affected countries in West Africa. The disease has already claimed the lives of 887 people across West Africa. GCHope’s partner on the ground, Kingdom Care Medical Center serving in Monrovia, Liberia, has asked for sanitation supplies. These supplies are crucial to help treat those suffering from the illness as well as protect the medical professionals treating patients. Ebola spreads through contact with infected organs and bodily fluids including blood, saliva, and urine. There is no known cure for Ebola, so it is vital that the doctors and patients exposed to the disease take every precaution in order to prevent further spread of this incurable disease.

GCHope is planning to send a shipment of supplies as soon as possible. Items to be shipped will include gloves, soap, sanitation supplies, cleaning supplies, and other relief items. Please consider supporting GCHope’s effort to further prevent the spread of this disease.



Giving Children Hope is a faith-based nonprofit organization dedicated to alleviating poverty domestically and abroad through disaster relief, health and community development, vocational training and advocacy. For more information, visit www.gchope.org.