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Our volunteers continue to amaze us! From packing backpacks for We’ve Got Your Back to sorting through medical supplies- they never stop giving. We are so lucky to have had 17 Nutrilite volunteers come into GCHope. Nutrilite is an active volunteer group here. Once a month, Nutrilite visits GCHope to volunteer. This week, these volunteers helped build 500 hygiene kits for Syrian refugees. Amazing! We cannot begin to thank Nutrilite enough. We are thrilled Nutrilite is taking part in our mission in serving vulnerable children and families across the street and around the world. Thanks Nutrilite!

Nutrilite 2 Companies We Love

Nutrilite 1 Companies We Love

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Disney is always willing to lend a helping hand. This week, a group of about 15 volunteers from different departments of Disney came to GCHope to help in our mission to serve vulnerable children and families. One Disney Cast Member was given this opportunity to volunteer on his first few days with Disney.This energetic group of VoluntEARS did so much while they were here. They packed a total of 55 backpacks for We’ve Got Your Back and sorted through 5 pallets of donated items for Giving for Living. If that was not already enough, they continued to work hard by sorting through medical supplies. Amazing! We always love having Disney stop by the GCHope facility and hope to see their smiling faces soon. Thanks Disney!

Disney Volunteers Disneys at it Again

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Who is red and white and loves to volunteer? You guessed right – Target! These wonderful volunteers did more than just the typical volunteer work. Besides packing backpacks for We’ve Got Your Back, they also sorted through items for Giving For Living. That is not all! Target worked fast and had time to sort through some medical supplies. Our Target volunteers are amazing and we are thrilled to have them dedicate their time here at GCHope. Thanks Target for helping us in our mission mission to help serve vulnerable children and families.

Target Volunteers Target Serving Others

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IMG 6137 The Heart of Serving Others

Every Monday two dedicated friends, Allison Luu and Victoria Tores, drive their children from Arcadia to Buena Park to volunteer at Giving Children Hope. These two families drive a distance of 30 miles, sometimes taking an hour to get to GCHope to serve needy families. The kids – Ethan (13), Zachary (11), Kyle (11), and Taylor (9) – are on summer vacation and have selflessly chosen to give back to the community during their time off from school.

The Luu and Tores families originally connected with GCHope for a school service project and haven’t stopped volunteering since. Allison Luu says she loves bringing the kids here to volunteer because they are learning that volunteering is about much more than getting praise and affirmation from others. She wants them to understand the heart of serving others and hopes it will be an integral part of their lives.

GCHope is so thankful for the Luu and Tores families’ dedication and love for serving vulnerable children and families across the street and around the world.

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GCHope was delighted to have Banana Republic from the Block in Orange take part in our mission to serve vulnerable children and families. There were 9 employees who took personal time off to make a difference in our community. This group of energetic volunteers were eager to get started. They accomplished a lot in their time here, packing 70 backpacks for the youth in our We Got Your Back program. GCHope was happy to see this group’s passion for giving back at such a young age. On behalf of the entire GCHope staff, we would like to thank Banana Republic for teaming up with GCHope. We cannot wait to see your smiling faces back at GCHope. Thanks Banana Republic!

Banana Republic 2 GCHope is Going Bananas

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GCHope’s neighbor, Medieval Times in Buena Park, came to volunteer on Monday! A group of 8 Medieval employees shared their love and passion of giving back to their community by volunteering at GCHope. Medieval’s Knights helped GCHope prepare to build our new aquaponic garden that will help produce fruits and vegetables for the children in We’ve Got Your Back. Our warehouse staff was extremely appreciative to have so many young men around to help lift the heavy wooden beams that would be used to build the garden. The knights also prepared backpacks for our WGYB program! GCHope would like to give a big thank you to Medieval Times for volunteering here at GCHope. We appreciate all the hard work you did. Thanks Medieval Times!

1908357 894409410585748 7445015641011955405 n GCHope Gets Medieval

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We are so excited to have Disney come back! Just over a week ago, Disney corporate employees were here at GCHope packing backpacks for our WGYB program. This last Wednesday, another 34 Disney Imagineering Procurement Department employees came to volunteer their time here at GCHope. Disney corporate donated various Disney toys for children and our VoluntEARS were more than eager to help sort through them and report the inventory. They did not stop there! They also packed 150 backpacks for our WGYB program. GCHope is so thankful to Disney for their amazing support and dedication to help children in need. Thanks Disney!

IMG 5804 We Cant Get Enough of Disney

IMG 5812 We Cant Get Enough of Disney


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Last week, GCHope was elated to welcome back Bank of America. A group of around 60 managers from around the country volunteered their time to help GCHope. These volunteers worked on packing backpacks for our WGYB program so quickly, they had time to clean medical supplies and sort through donations! GCHope is grateful for Bank of America’s time and effort to help give back to children in need. Thanks Bank of America!

IMG 5763 Bank of America Gives Back

Disney’s Back!


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Disney came back for a visit! GCHope was overjoyed to welcome the Disney VoluntEARS back to our facilities for the third time. We appreciate their willingness to help make a difference for the vulnerable children and families GCHope serves. There was a group of around 25 Disney corporate employees here today that helped pack backpacks for WGYB. They looked like they were having a great time giving back to the community. Thanks Disney!

 IMG 5555 Disneys Back!




Selfless Students


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A group of phenomenal young volunteers visited GCHope recently from Anneliese School. It is an annual service learning project that students in Ms. Hems’ class do every year. One little girl said she looks forward to this project all year. It is her favorite.

The project involves the students’ entire families, with the parents kindly agreeing to giving their student money for tasks and chores done at home. The students do their best to earn enough money to go to the grocery store and purchase the contents of what can be found in our WGYB backpacks. It is a lesson to teach the value of a dollar and how much it costs to feed a family, all wrapped up in a service project helping children who are less fortunate in their community. And the kids love it.

It was incredible watching the children file in with endless amounts of food. GCHope loved seeing their cheerful smiles as they packed backpacks with food they had worked hard to earn for these underprivileged kids.

GCHope is so grateful that these students made volunteering more than a one day experience; they are making it a lifestyle.


 IMG 5424 Selfless Students