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Your name is Giving Children Hope, but you do more then just children’s projects. Why?


The founders began this organization because of the great needs of children around the world. As the organization grew, it took new shape. The founders realized that to meet the needs of kids, they would also have to address the needs of parents. For instance, developing a new medical clinic can serve many children, but it also serves elderly and parents. When parents are healthy, they are better able to care for their children.

Giving Children Hope appears to conduct work all over the world. Do you have priorities set in terms of countries or communities to focus on?


This is a great question – the answer is no. Many larger organizations choose to predetermine areas of impact and focus solely on certain parts of the world. At GCH, we take a different approach by addressing an unfulfilled niche. We choose to allow others in need – wherever they might be located – to fill out an application and call our offices at 714-523-4454 for further information and assistance.

If a large humanitarian organization hasn’t determined that certain communities are part of their strategic plan, these communities are left without aid. Often, these communities’ leaders best know how to address the needs of their own community. The problem they face is the knowledge of how to procure and logistically receive their community needs. This is where we come in. We are experts in technical and medical supply needs in developing countries, as well as in logistics. We partner with these individuals to develop a clinic that meets their specific needs.

How is Giving Children Hope different from other international relief and development organizations?


One of our core values is listening. As a listening organization, we work with partners in developing countries and listen to their needs instead of imposing our own ideas or strategies on the community. It is the community that idecides what they need and which projects are prioritized. Instead of being community based, we are community initiated. A project has the greatest chance for success when the community has true ownership and input into the development.

What do I do if I want to ship a container to a project I am working on in another part of the world?


Visit our partner portal section of our site which is located by clicking on the Become a partner button.

I see you conduct many projects around the world. Are you involved in issues facing American children?


YES! We are committed to relief work anywhere in the world. We shipped 40 truckloads of relief goods to post-Katrina and set up a soup kitchen to help meet the needs of the people. We were also involved in the relief efforts for the Southern California wildfires.

Additionally, we are committed to local poverty reduction and hunger issues. We operate local workforce development programs, where we seek to have individuals enter or re-enter the workforce and break the bonds of poverty. Our We’ve Got Your Back program serves homeless children in Orange County. These children receive nutrition training in the classroom and a backpack filled with food on Fridays to last them through the weekend. Furthermore, GCH supplies numerous Orange County organizations, most of which serve children, with needed supplies. So when you partner with GCH, you are not only partnering to help children in developing countries, but also American children in need.

Can I make a donation in memory of someone?


Absolutely! Please provide a contact name and address to have a notification sent for the donation. We will not include the amount given, but we will let them know that you made a gift in their honor.

You appear to be a faith-based organization. Are you affiliated with any denomination?


No. We are a faith-based organization that believes in Biblical principles, but we are not affiliated with any denomination. We seek to have a diverse board, which includes individuals from various denominations or non-denominational churches. We are a humanitarian organization compelled to serve the needs of the poor, regardless of religion.

So, you are faith-based. Do I have to believe in the Christian faith to become involved?


No. We work with individuals and groups from all walks of life. We are compelled to serve around issues of poverty because of our belief in the Bible, but we do not require our recipients, donors, or volunteers to believe the same way. However, we believe that prayer for our projects and container shipments is a necessary part of our work and sets us apart from other similar organizations.

How do I know that the partners you work with are legitimate and the funding of the projects is really going to this community?


We screen our US partners with a strict application process in which we check references, carry on joint visits, and communicate regularly with them. Overseas partners require similar checks, actual on the ground visits, and consultation with local authorities.

How do I know you are a credible organization?


Stop by and visit us any time and see the work we do. We are also registered with the United Way, ECFA, USAID, InterAction, CFC, Office of the Attorney General of the State of California, Independent Charities of America and Children’s Charities of America.

You state that 99% of all your funding goes to programs. That seems unrealistic. How is that possible?


Agencies that engage in relief and development work often receive a great deal of “gifts in kind,” which drive down the amount that is spent on administration. Gifts in Kind are items that are donated and then recycled and sent out to places of need. Perhaps it is Arrowhead donating pallets of water, or Cardinal Health donating medical supplies. These items are counted on our books as cash revenue, but they are actually products to be used on our projects, and not cash that can be spent on administration expenses. We work hard to ensure that our administration costs are low and we are able to utilize the maximum amount possible on programs, while still investing in proper infrastructure at GCH.

Do you give tours?


Sure we do. Call our office and schedule a time to come and take a look at our facility. You could bring a group to volunteer at the same time and have lunch here.

How can I pray for you?


Please send an email to and ask to be added to our prayer group list. We send out a twice-monthly email with our prayer needs and we GREATLY appreciate your prayer support.

Still have a question?


Please e-mail all general inquiries to

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