Bring Drinking Water to Communities in Need

Giving Children Hope is the exclusive supplier of LifeStraws® to nonprofit organizations, missions teams and churches in the U.S. and Canada.

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The Partnership

To meet the needs for sanitation and safe drinking water, Giving Children Hope is partnering with LifeStraw and Leadership Strategies to provide developing nations with personal water purification straws.

We are looking for churches, services groups, families and individuals to sponsor five LifeStraws at $20 each for international distribution. You are providing clean drinking water for families in need around the world.

What is LifeStraw?

LifeStraw® is a portable water purifier that prevents common waterborne diarrheal disease. Its water filtration not only provides safe drinking water, but also positively impacts the health of the most vulnerable populations, including young children, pregnant women and individuals with debilitated immune systems. Its portable tube design allows for easy access to safe and clean drinking water from sources previously undrinkable.

Addressing the Need

According to the World Health Organization, waterborne diseases cause 1.4 million child deaths each year. Only 63% of the world’s population has access to improved water sanitation. It’s reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that diarrhea is the second-largest killer of children under five, noting that the younger the child, the greater their risk of life-threatening dehydration.

Unsafe drinking water, sanitation, and poor hygiene are among the top causes of death, worldwide. More children die from unclean drinking water than from wars.

Contact Us

For more information, to sponsor LifeStraws®, or to place an order for your missions team or church, please contact Sean Lawrence.

Order a LifeStraw®

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