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It’s the time of the year that makes me want to have a bouquet of sharpened pencils on my desk and a new outfit to wear for the first day of school. For many of the families in GCHope’s We’ve Got Your Back (WGYB) program, back-to-school items are hard to fit into a tight budget. GCHope decided to do a little extra something to help out.

IMG 0193 Bouquets of Sharpened Pencils

Recently GCHope was blessed with enough brand new school supplies to provide two of our WGYB schools with a wonderful gift. It was a complete surprise to the families; when they arrived to pick up their regular backpack of food, they found out they were being given some lovely gifts. Each child in the family was given a dazzling new backpack with notebooks, folders, pencils, erasers, rulers and more. In addition to the school supplies, parents received a care package with hygiene products, including toothpaste, hand sanitizer, shampoo, soap, tupperware and a few other household items.

When the mothers heard what their children were receiving, one could not help but notice the sincerity in their eyes when they said, “Thank you.” These parents had such gratitude that their children were being provided for and would have these things to start the school year off well. The kids had a blast getting to pick the red backpack or the pink notebook, explaining how excited they were to take it with them on their first day of school. GCHope is so grateful that we were able to supply these kids with a bit of joy and pride as they step through the door of their new class and new school year. Restoring dignity in people’s lives once again is something we strive for everyday at GCHope.

 IMG 0186 Bouquets of Sharpened Pencils

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September is Tackling Child Hunger month! Tackling Child Hunger is a month-long food and fund drive to kick off the We’ve Got Your Back (WGYB) school year. Hundreds of schools, businesses and churches will be collecting non-perishable food items for WGYB families. GCHope’s goal is to increase the number of backpacks distributed by 15% this year, which is nearly 200 additional backpacks provided each week to homeless families. In order to accomplish that task, GCHope must ensure we have enough donors and food to commit to those on our waiting list. This year we are proud to say that Tackling Child Hunger is in partnership with the City of Buena Park, City of Stanton, City of Fullerton, Buena Park Downtown, and Los Cerritos Center. GCHope is so grateful for the growth in support to end hunger in Orange County through these partnerships.

Help end hunger in our community!

Consider donating to the cause! We are able to purchase food for lower prices than at your grocery store so if you want your donation to go farther, this is the way to do it!

$10 Donation = 71 meals for a family in need
$25 Donation = 178 meals for a family in need
$50 Donation = 357 meals for a family in need
$100 Donation = 714 meals for a family in need
$500 Donation = 3,571 meals for a family in need
$1,000 Donation = 7,142 meals for a family in need

PYR Donate Button 01 1 September is Tackling Child Hunger Month!

Most needed items:Peanut Butter, Water or Juice, Canned Meats, Rice, Pasta, Oatmeal

TacklingChildHungerFlyer September is Tackling Child Hunger Month!


Companies We Love


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Our volunteers continue to amaze us! From packing backpacks for We’ve Got Your Back to sorting through medical supplies- they never stop giving. We are so lucky to have had 17 Nutrilite volunteers come into GCHope. Nutrilite is an active volunteer group here. Once a month, Nutrilite visits GCHope to volunteer. This week, these volunteers helped build 500 hygiene kits for Syrian refugees. Amazing! We cannot begin to thank Nutrilite enough. We are thrilled Nutrilite is taking part in our mission in serving vulnerable children and families across the street and around the world. Thanks Nutrilite!

Nutrilite 2 Companies We Love

Nutrilite 1 Companies We Love

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Disney is always willing to lend a helping hand. This week, a group of about 15 volunteers from different departments of Disney came to GCHope to help in our mission to serve vulnerable children and families. One Disney Cast Member was given this opportunity to volunteer on his first few days with Disney.This energetic group of VoluntEARS did so much while they were here. They packed a total of 55 backpacks for We’ve Got Your Back and sorted through 5 pallets of donated items for Giving for Living. If that was not already enough, they continued to work hard by sorting through medical supplies. Amazing! We always love having Disney stop by the GCHope facility and hope to see their smiling faces soon. Thanks Disney!

Disney Volunteers Disneys at it Again

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Who is red and white and loves to volunteer? You guessed right – Target! These wonderful volunteers did more than just the typical volunteer work. Besides packing backpacks for We’ve Got Your Back, they also sorted through items for Giving For Living. That is not all! Target worked fast and had time to sort through some medical supplies. Our Target volunteers are amazing and we are thrilled to have them dedicate their time here at GCHope. Thanks Target for helping us in our mission mission to help serve vulnerable children and families.

Target Volunteers Target Serving Others

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IMG 6137 The Heart of Serving Others

Every Monday two dedicated friends, Allison Luu and Victoria Tores, drive their children from Arcadia to Buena Park to volunteer at Giving Children Hope. These two families drive a distance of 30 miles, sometimes taking an hour to get to GCHope to serve needy families. The kids – Ethan (13), Zachary (11), Kyle (11), and Taylor (9) – are on summer vacation and have selflessly chosen to give back to the community during their time off from school.

The Luu and Tores families originally connected with GCHope for a school service project and haven’t stopped volunteering since. Allison Luu says she loves bringing the kids here to volunteer because they are learning that volunteering is about much more than getting praise and affirmation from others. She wants them to understand the heart of serving others and hopes it will be an integral part of their lives.

GCHope is so thankful for the Luu and Tores families’ dedication and love for serving vulnerable children and families across the street and around the world.

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GCHope is proud to introduce our interns! Some are seasoned interns that love GCHope so much, they’ve stuck with us for months past their intended time. Others have newly discovered GCHope and are excited to begin their journey working with us. We are thrilled to see the passion they have for giving back to their community by interning here at GCHope. From special events to accounting, each of them are bringing new ideas we cannot wait to share with you. Let’s take a moment to meet them.


IMG 5871 Interns Serving the PoorChristopher So
Accounting Intern

Chris has been interning with GCHope for five months while studying Business Administration at California State Fullerton. In 2011 and 2012, Chris went on two different mission trips: One to New Orleans to repair damaged houses that were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina and another to Mexico to build a home for a needy family. These trips deeply impacted Chris and encouraged him to seek out opportunities to serve people right here in Orange County. Chris loves the family-oriented culture of working at GCHope.



IMG 5878 Interns Serving the PoorHung Sok
Accounting Intern

Our second accounting intern is Hung Sok. She started interning with us in April of 2014. She is a senior at California State University of Long Beach, studying Accounting. Hung has been influenced by a number of people to seek ways to serve others and she is happy to be given the chance to do that everyday at GCHope. Hung loves the people and she works with at GCHope and enjoys the friendly environment.





Kaitlyn Lum
Accounting Intern

Kaitlyn Lum. She is the newest of three Accounting interns. Kaitlyn is a junior at California State University of Fullerton, majoring in accounting. Kaitlyn recently arrived back in the states after her two month journey studying abroad in Europe. She enjoys traveling so much, she wishes she could be a diplomat just to travel! Kaitlyn says she loves how she can come to GCHope and not be judged and how everyone is more than willing to lend a helping hand.


IMG 5879 Interns Serving the PoorVictoria Rios
Communications and Social Media Intern

Meet our Communications and Social Media intern, Victoria Rios. Victoria started interning with GCHope this June. She is a senior at California State University of Fullerton studying Organizational Communication. Her dream is to create her own nonprofit organization to help young girls become leaders of the future. Victoria loves interning at GCHope, knowing she is making a difference in her community.





IMG 5876 Interns Serving the Poor
Hayley Beestra
Community Programs Intern

Hayley Beetstra is our Community Programs Intern. Hayley joined the GCHope family this May. She is a Senior at Azusa Pacific University studying Interpersonal and Organizational Communication. Hayley loves meeting and interacting with the volunteers at GCHope. She is inspired by their willingness to give their time to help their community. Hayley admires the GCHope staff and their passion to help those in need.





IMG 5877 Interns Serving the PoorAngie Chang
Grant Writing Intern

Next is our Grant Writing intern, Angie Chang. She started interning at GCHope in January of 2014. Angie graduated from UCLA in 2013 with a degree in Psychology. She is planning to attend graduate school to obtain her Master’s degree in Social Work and eventually become a social worker. Angie says she is inspired by the GCHope staff when they meet to pray for the organization, people they serve, and for every container that goes out around the world.




photo 1 Interns Serving the PoorChristopher Garcia
Inventory Assistant Intern

Our Inventory Assistant intern is Christopher Garcia. Chris became part of the GCHope family in March of this year. He is a senior at California State University of Fullerton, studying accounting. Chris enjoys helping his community and hopes to still be involved in charity work throughout his life. Chris says the people he works with are his favorite part of working here. He loves everyone’s friendly and welcoming attitude.





IMG 5872 Interns Serving the PoorDiana Tran
Special Events Intern

Lastly, meet our Special Events intern, Diana Tran. Diana is studying Business Administration with a concentration in Finance at California State University of Fullerton. She started interning in May of 2014. Diana is interested in three different areas: the special events industry, entertainment industry, and entrepreneurship. She comes from a family of entrepreneurs, gaining exposure to the business world at a young age at her sisters coffee shop. In the future, Diana would like to run her own non-profit organization. Diana says she loves being able to contribute to a nonprofit while still exploring her creative side.


GCHope is so grateful for this amazing team of interns we have been blessed with this summer. We love getting to encourage and inspire these young minds to serve God’s children with the talents they have been given. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for them. From all of us at GCHope, thank you to our wonderful interns for all of your dedication and hard work!


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GCHope was delighted to have Banana Republic from the Block in Orange take part in our mission to serve vulnerable children and families. There were 9 employees who took personal time off to make a difference in our community. This group of energetic volunteers were eager to get started. They accomplished a lot in their time here, packing 70 backpacks for the youth in our We Got Your Back program. GCHope was happy to see this group’s passion for giving back at such a young age. On behalf of the entire GCHope staff, we would like to thank Banana Republic for teaming up with GCHope. We cannot wait to see your smiling faces back at GCHope. Thanks Banana Republic!

Banana Republic 2 GCHope is Going Bananas

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 GCHopes New Aquaponic Garden

GCHope is going green! That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, the rumors are true. GCHope is currently in the process of building an aquaponic garden on our campus. Our company was introduced to the idea by numerous partners in the community that have seen amazing results for their work and the community since building their own gardens.

GCHope wants to continually remain inventive in the methods in which we serve the families here, so when given the chance to extend our serving capacity, we welcomed the idea and jumped at the opportunity to build our own garden. With this garden, GCHope will potentially be able to produce 850 fish and 90 lbs. of produce every single month. This would be a great addition to the food we are currently providing 5,000 people with every week.

The garden is being built at our facility in Buena Park with five grow beds and a fish pond in partnership with a company called Renewable Farms. Renewable Farms is an incredible, socially-minded organization that ‘aims to bring life and resources to underserved environments.’ Renewable Farms has built many other local gardens, including one for the City of Anaheim.

IMG 592512 GCHopes New Aquaponic Garden

An aquaponic garden is a completely sustainable system with zero waste left in the environment that will provide beautiful fresh produce and fish. For example, in a creek bed the trees surrounding the water grow very tall because of the nutrients provided through the animals in the water. GCHope’s garden will imitate this same interaction. In each grow bed there will be a vegetable or fruit seed growing in gravel and water. This mixture of gravel, water, and the plant will create a bacteria that when recycled into the fish pond, will give the water nutrients and help the fish grow. In return, the water the fish have been living in will supply natural fertilizer for the plants, similar to what they would normally receive in nature. It’s a beautiful cycle resulting in delicious food.

GCHope loves the idea that we will be able to personally ask the families we serve what their favorite fruits or veggies are and grow them in our own backyard! In addition to the food provision benefits, this garden also offers a new volunteer opportunity to those in our community. We are so grateful to Wilshire Avenue Community Church in Fullerton for their help with construction of the garden, as well as the continued support to maintain it. This is a project that GCHope staff alone could not accomplish. We are blessed by our volunteers and always thrilled to have new ones join the family. Stay tuned to see the finished product!

The courtyard before.

IMG 58541 GCHopes New Aquaponic Garden

The courtyard under construction.

IMG 5939 GCHopes New Aquaponic Garden


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GCHope’s neighbor, Medieval Times in Buena Park, came to volunteer on Monday! A group of 8 Medieval employees shared their love and passion of giving back to their community by volunteering at GCHope. Medieval’s Knights helped GCHope prepare to build our new aquaponic garden that will help produce fruits and vegetables for the children in We’ve Got Your Back. Our warehouse staff was extremely appreciative to have so many young men around to help lift the heavy wooden beams that would be used to build the garden. The knights also prepared backpacks for our WGYB program! GCHope would like to give a big thank you to Medieval Times for volunteering here at GCHope. We appreciate all the hard work you did. Thanks Medieval Times!

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