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What a privilege it has been as founder and CEO serving the poorest of the poor for 20 years.  When we began our work in 1993 collecting food from local churches with our kids still in diapers, we never imagined what God had in store.  My wife and I had just adopted our son from Russia and we had a passion for serving the Lord and caring for the poor and disenfranchised children of the world.  Today, my son is going to medical school and plans to go into humanitarian aid himself.

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I remember encountering the needs right here in your own community in 1996.  We couldn’t help but notice the homeless families in the neighborhood around our facility in Old Town Placentia.  GCHope began a ministry to 300 of these families by providing them with bags of food each Friday.  As I walked down the line of our guests one week, I came across a grateful single mother, Emily, who was touched by what we were doing for her and her children.  She wanted to ensure that others could benefit from this service and began volunteering with us.  After a few months, we were able to offer Emily a job as our receptionist and she and her children were able to get back on their feet.

Throughout our history, you have served with us in 57 countries around the world.  From …

  • …a teaching hospital in Zambia to motel families in Orange County.
  • …the rebuilding effort in Haiti to a shelter for homeless teens in Redlands, CA.
  • …the cleanup work after Katrina to an orphanage in Indonesia. 

Then2 225x300 Then, Now & TomorrowThrough the support of thousands of volunteers, hundreds of partners and our amazing family of donors, you have given over $411 million worth of life-saving food, clothing, critical medicines, first-aid supply, surgical instruments and all manner of medical equpiment!  Please consider joining us to ensure that this wonderful history can continue for another 20 years!  Our goal is to raise $40,000 by Dec. 31st.


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John Ditty

Founder & Chairman of the Board


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This has been a landmark year for Giving Children Hope.  After 20 years of strong leadership, John Ditty has stepped up from his position as CEO to become the Chairman of our Board of Directors.  Our new Executive Director, Sean Lawrence, has answered the call of leading us into the next chapter.  We are proud to work with you to Bring Health to Kids in Crisis both here in Orange County and around the world!


This year, you have helped us to open the brand new Buena Park Community Clinic at the GCHope facility.  After being a part of launching so many clinics, hospitals and health care facilities around the world, now we have one right in our own house!  This free clinic opened in June and is providing basic health Now3 300x225 Then, Now & Tomorrowcare to underserved families in North Orange County.  Already we have seen dramatic results.  Gilberto first came to the clinic about two months ago with elevated blood pressure and sever fatigue.  He knew he had Diabetes, but lacked the resources to manage it effectively.  The clinic’s volunteer hysicians immediately trained him in the use of a glucometer and prescribed medicines to help control his symptoms.  Follow up visits have shown that Gilberto has made gradual progress and is excited to know that, with a proper diet and monitoring he can control his symptoms.  With early intervention and education, Gilberto was able to avoid long term health risks.  It is your time and treasure that have made this possible.

After Superstorm Sandy hit the east coast, you helped respond quickly and efficiently to the needs on the ground.  Our wonderful partners from the Calvary Chapel network of churches received supplies from us to assist in the cleanup effort as well as temporary bedding for displaced families.  Fortunately, your response was able to get these supplies in place before Thanksgiving so as to give these families a little more to be grateful for this year.  They want you to know “the amazing trailer load of supplies you have sent are a huge blessing at this very significant time on the East Coast.” The children in the area even received their own pillow pet!

Now2 300x225 Then, Now & TomorrowWe have made a lot of new friends here in our own community and we are pleased to consider you all a part of our family of supporters.  We want to take a minute to acknowledge a few of you by name.  Thank you so much to the Timken Family, the Dhont Family, Edwards LifeSciences, the Marisla Foundation, The Bandai Foundation, The Noll Foundation and our wonderful partners at Nutrilite! We had a great year because of these partners and your continued support. Please consider joining us today in our efforts to Bring Health to Kids in Crisis!  


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Having spent the first dozen years of my life living throughout south-east Asia, I’m always intrigued when I reminisce with my former missionary parents about these times and the fact that we grew up poor. I have no recollection of ever feeling poor. My only memories are ones of excitement and adventure, of playing with friends who spoke different languages but loved to kick a ball as much as I did. I do remember frequently praying with my mom that God would bring us food and He always did. There was always a stranger who would come to our door and bring a gift of exactly what we needed.

Direct Mail 21 225x300 Then, Now & TomorrowOver 30 years later I can attest to both God’s provision and that there is still a community committed to alleviating poverty.  You are all a part of this thriving community whose goal begins with bringing temporary relief, but ends with providing sustainable hope. While a meal or a bed may bring only some respite from the realities of those we serve, it also gives them a glimpse that someone cares and has taken an interest in their plight. It is food on a weekly basis for children right here in Orange County who would otherwise spend their weekends worrying about food instead of soccer scores. It is Syrian children surviving in displacement camps in neighboring countries who now have warm clothes to help them through the frigid winter.

What you do through GCHope is important. For 20 years you have been Bringing Health to Kids in Crisis by being obedient with the resources that have been entrusted to you.  This service would come to an end tomorrow without your partnership.  For 20 years you have been providing hope by volunteering your time, talents and treasures; you have been a stranger giving hope to those who have none.  Please consider joining us for our continuing mission to Bring Health to Kids in Crisis!


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Sean Lawrence

Executive Director

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