Volunteers This Week

G7373153194 2f15610860 m Volunteers This Weekiving Children Hope would not be able to provide assistance to children around the world without the help of our volunteers. Our volunteers work in all areas of our organization completing various tasks, such as unpacking and organizing donations, sorting backpacks, data entry, and assisting in the maintenance of our facility.

There have been a lot of amazing volunteers who have come in recently. These fantastic people have taken time out of their day to help out others in need. Whether they came in for 2 hours or 30, we recognize that without their unique skills and talents, and charming personalities, our work would be much more difficult and not nearly as much fun.

The generosity of our volunteers is extraordinary and for that, we’d like to say THANK YOU!


Here are some of the volunteers that  have dedicated their time to helping out this week:

Yahe Alcaide, Maritza Andrade, Stephanie Arana, Yolanda Bahena, Edgar Barajas

Nancy Benitez, Elvis Bolainez, Meisa Camino, Ashley Campos, Cecilia Carabez

Keyla Cardoso, Mauricio Carrasco, Elizabeth Chavarria, Alex Cho, Amy Choi-Won

Edward Chu, Angela Deighton, Janet Enriquez, Janine Fernandez, Nestor Frausto

Daniel G, Eduardo Garcia, Monica Gonzalez, Silvian Gonzalez, Berenice Guillen

Daisy Hernandez, Jorge Herrera, Lana Hyi, Francisco Igeda, Shannon Jackson

Lyra Jasmin, Lisa Jewell, Al Johnson, Janet Johnson, Sylvia Jones, Ashley Kim

Jonathan Kim, Joshua Kim, Dutch Kohlenberger, Keikki Kohlenberger

Nikki Kohlenberger, Kathy Landaverda, Andrew Landin, Rosemary Larios, Sun Lee

Jennifer Lilte, Norie Marfil, Paula Marquez, TJ Martin, Cal Matsuo, Dana McMahon

Nejue Mejia, Blanca Miranda, Jasmyn Morrow, Vanessa Mozo, Jaslenee P.A.

Judy Peterson, Alex Rabadan, Gilberto Resndiz, Hannah Reuttershan

Thirza Rodriguez, Donna Rojas, Nelson Sanano, Arlina Sanchez, Mariana Sanchez

Barbara Sandoval-Ramirez, Raula Santana, Jasmine Seoane, Dhanesh Solanki

Debbie Stut, Keiko Suda, Holly Boe Thi, Rosa Trujillo, Howard Tsao, Brandon Um

Susan Um, Luis Vargas, Erick Vasquez, Daisy Villagomez, Rosa Yanes, Matthew Yi

Megan Yi, Joyce Yoo, Takako Yoo, Grace Yu, Kimmy Zuniga

Total Volunter Hours285.5

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Perhaps you would like to join this list of amazing people! Please feel free to schedule an appointment to volunteer or come to one of our orientations.

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